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Saturday, 15 May 2010

UK Leather/Fetish Venues

The Fountain Inn

Trades Bar

The Claremont Bar



Christopher's Bar

Company Bar


The Cockpit

London Scene

Leather/fetish venues. For more information see John's Leather Guide to London.

London has two permanent leather clubs:

The Hoist (Wednesday-Sunday in Vauxhall, south London), and

Backstreet (Thursday-Sunday in Mile End, east London).

The Eagle in Vauxhall and the Underground Club in Kings Cross, central London, run fetish events on different nights throughout the week.

Monthly events include Hard On (a leather fetish club night in Vauxhall) and Collared (a BDSM night in Kings Cross).

Many 'leather' clubs/events are just leather fetish without bondage/SM play. If you are looking for kink/rope try SM Gays Discovery Nights at The Hoist, or fetish play events such as FetishBound

For a complete listing of gay venues and events in London you can download QX Magazine.

For travel information see the Transport for London website.




Launched in March 2006, is a male bondage website brought to you by DogTrainer1974. You will find pictures of men tied in both western bondage and Japanese / Shibari influenced styles, or simply wearing rope. So, if you like your men tied in rope then this is the place for you!

JuST Rope

London's leading Rope Bondage party. organise and hold specialist rope bondage play parties and events. Our parties are neither tutorials or workshops although if you enjoy learning by watching its a real education. We aim to provide a comfortable and well equipped play environment and welcome all levels of experience from advanced to those who just want to come along and quietly watch. Previous parties have attracted some of the best rope artists from across the UK and Europe while creating a unique atmosphere that is social, relaxed and welcoming.


The objectives of this site are to
* Attempt to stimulate innovative bondage influenced by traditional Shibari/Kinbaku
* To help newcomers to reach new levels of experience (see Tuition)
* To exchange ideas and information
* To document my journey into learning this skill

Two Knotty Boys

San Francisco-based bondage duo. "Our goal is to demystify bondage and put the fun into it, while making it safer and much more aesthetically pleasing."


International Mr Leather 2003

The personal website of the British winner of International Mister Leather 2003. Lots of useful information, including John's Leather Guide to London - an excellent comprehensive and in depth guide to everything bondage, leather and BDSM-related in the capital. Updated weekly. Very useful for visitors.

A personal website of an experienced London Top, lots of pictures of his slaves/subs, plus useful information.


A personal website of a dedicated puppy with lots of dog play information and links


SM Gays is a not-for-profit social and educational group for gay men interested in consensual, sexual sadomasochism. Meeting since July 1981, its aim is to encourage safe and lawful SM practices through sharing of information among people with similar interests.The group is unfunded and run by volunteers.

Every month the group holds a Discovery Night in Central London where you can learn more about SM techniques and meet other people with similar interests. There is no membership requirement or dress code and the atmosphere is friendly and informal.
At present these events attract around 200 gay men.


Gay male profiles site which also includes Bondage Control and Slave 4 Master plus many other fetish-based sites under the general Recon umbrella. Once you create a profile in one area (bondage, slave4master, etc.) you can see and talk to everyone else in that category PLUS everyone else in every other category.


British kinky guys: BDSM & more. A place for guys who like to spend their evenings a little tied up.... Join to meet other guys like you. Includes message board/discussion forums.

The Spanner Trust

The Spanner Trust exists to defend the rights of sadomasochists of all sexual orientations and specifically to reverse the UK court ruling which made certain SM activities illegal even though all parties consent.


backlash was created in 2005 by the Libertarian Alliance, the Spanner Trust, the Sexual Freedom Coalition, Feminists against Censorship, Ofwatch and Unfettered to collate evidence for an informed debate on censorship and to fight plans to criminalise ownership of material the Home Office finds abhorrent.

Informed Consent

Welcome to Informed Consent, the leading website about BDSM in the UK. (BDSM is an overlapping abbreviation of Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, and S&M.)

We've been online since 1997, starting with listings, then adding discussion forums, personal ads and weblogs. Most of our sections feature information about both the BDSM and Fetish scenes in the UK.

The site's name was chosen to reflect the useful information we enable people to share, while emphasising the necessity of consent in all aspects of BDSM relationships.

A mixed site (mostly straight kinky people) but very diverse, with lively discussion boards.


"FetLife is a FREE Social Network for the BDSM & fetish community. Similar to Facebook and mySpace but run by kinksters like you and me. We think it is more fun that way. Don't you?"

Currently 170,436 Members. The site has profiles and many special interest groups (each with its own forum) including many bondage/rope groups such as Riggers and Rope Sluts (5671 Members) ... see also ManDom UK

Any member can create their own group, so you can form your own online communities of people with shared interests.


MSC London

This web site is for gay and bisexual men who are into leather, rubber, skinheads, uniform, denim and western gear and their associated lifestyles. If this describes you, you are welcome to browse our site and we hope you will want to join us.


ECMC is the European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs and counts over 40 member clubs across Europe specialising in Bike Runs and other social activities aimed primarily at gay men with interests in motorcycles and fetishes for leather & rubber & uniform clothing.

ECMC is the umbrella organisation for various Motor Sports Club (MSC / Gay Bikers) around Europe.

The MSCs are social groups for gay motorcyclists/leathermen. They have been running a long time, the oldest of them dating from the 1960s. They express an interest in leather and uniforms, which may or may not include BDSM, so they are NOT gay BDSM groups as such, though many of their members may be.

Sixty Nine (Motorcycle) Club, London
Manchester Super Chain MSC
MSC Scotland
East Mercia MSC
MSC Bournemouth
Essex Leather MSC


The FUKC is an alliance of the UK and Ireland’s non-commercial clubs for gay and bisexual men into leather, motorbikes, rubber, uniforms, denim, skingear and their associated lifestyles. It coordinates the events, parties and activities of the member clubs and acts as a central point for the dissemination of information about their meetings and events. There is no formal constitution or committee. Instead, the clubs meet together annually in June for a social event and conference during which an affiliated club is appointed to hold the secretariat and one of its members to act as coordinator.


BLUF is a club for men who enjoy wearing breeches and leather uniforms. The club started on the Internet in 1997 and has now 2000 members. The purpose of these pages is to give you information on our club activities and, more in general, to celebrate the image of men in leather uniforms, boots and breeches. The site contains thousands of pictures of men in boots and leather uniforms, most of which cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet. Becoming a member of BLUF (free of charge!) gives you access to this wealth of hard-core leather pics. Membership is limited to men only. All you need to do, is send in a picture of yourself in full leather uniform.

Reverse Shoulder Harness

This is a variation of the reverse harness, in which no rope at all cross the front of the body, exposing the armpits and leaving the whole torso unobscured.


Bind his hands in front of him.

Lift his hands up and behind his head, with the ends of the rope trailing behind him.


Take each end forward under the armpit and then back over the shoulder.


Tie off at this point with a double knot to prevent tightening.

Place the knot on the upper edge of the shoulder so that it will not lie underneath when the sub lies down.


Take each end to the opposite side and loop them over each other.


Take each end through the shoulder loops and tie off at this point with the knots on the inside of each arm (not behind)

Shoulder Harness

I developed this as an alternative to the traditional rope harness. I wanted to be able to tie a guy's hands in the middle of his back without any rope crossing the front of the body.

If a guy has a nice torso I like it to be unobscured!

The technique is still fairly simple.


Sub stands and crosses his hands behind his back.

Find the midpoint of your rope and tie his wrists at this point.

Pass the free ends of the rope over his shoulders.


Pass each end under the armpit and back behind him.

Pull the ends taught so that the wrists are pulled up into the centre of the back.


Bind each end around the upper arm near the armpit and tie off with the knot on the inside.


Take each end up to the opposite shoulder and tie to the loop that circles the shoulder.

Make sure the knot is on top/slightly in front of the shoulder blade.

This secures the shoulder loops which would otherwise slip down over the arms, and holds the whole arrangement together.

If the rope runs out here, tie off around the shoulder.

If your rope is longer, the ends can be secured to anchor points (eg: bed posts) or used to tie up the lower body.

Reverse Rope Harness

This is a variation on the traditional rope harness in which the same basic steps are simply reversed so that the ropes cross the back instead of in front. This exposes the armpits and leaves the chest unobscured.


The sub stands and faces you.

Find the midpoint of your rope and tie his wrists at this point. The length of free rope at both ends should be about equal.


Lift his hands up and behind his head, with the ends of the rope trailing behind him.


Take the free ends to the centre of the body and wrap around. Tie off at the side of the body.